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Eye Safety some have never had an accident yet!

Workplace Safety & Pollution Prevention  some say a school does not have to comply. This is simply not true. Don't find out in court after a student is hurt.

Autobody Repair and Refinishing OSHA Standards

Personal Protective Safety OSHA eyes, face feet, hands

Virtual Auto Repair Shop this is very good for safety training and answers all your questions about what makes a safe shop. Thank you CCAR!

Video of student that saves his eye by wearing safety glasses
Work Ethics Site use the lessons here and the rubric here to teach, and test students in work ethics. I used this model for 14 years in two different school systems to grade student in preparing them for the work place. You can grade in the Affective domain.

http://www.hotroddersoftomorrow.com/what.htm if you don't know what this is then find out for your student's sake. This is an awesome competition!

Winder Barrow High School Automotive Technology Thanks Eric!

Fluke Safety Video

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