Automotive Program Development
Automotive Program Development               

Automotive program development is the facilities, tools and equipment, Safety and Environmental concerns when a new facility or existing facility is renovated. Safety and student learning is paramount. Very few commercial facilities are designed to train and be absolutely safe for beginning students. My combined experience as a business owner and auto teacher gives me an advantage in helping with the design of your lab. Being an Evaluation Team Leader for NATEF gives me the opportunity to visit many training programs each year and learn what works best for student learning. I know how to advise your building team in "Best Practices" for your transportation lab to meet all NATEF, OSHA and EPA considerations.

   OSHA Stds                          2008Tool and Equipment List

Georgia DOE Lab Layouts

Note NATEF does not reccommend any brand of equipment or building style. See for updates and final authority on any interpertation of NATEF standards.

   For a story on why you should follow the standards  

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