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Pictures and Pod Casts
Placing Students in Government Facilities
  Thanks Marvin!  Marvin Linville California AYES Field Manager

Randy Baker , AYES Instructor created these great videos along with Mike McAfee, AYES field Manager for Arizona.

Playlist on Youtube

 Mentors and Interns. Interviews at the employers and AYES schools

Here is short url     http://tinyurl.com/brb3lwo

Here are my videos of mentors and interns

Short url           http://tinyurl.com/co5hu63

Where are your student success stories?

AYES Train the Trainer workshop presentation for NACAT 2012

Success Story
                     TEFGA See our student success stories

                                                    Class Videos on Teacher Tube
Build your Portfolio  A windows movie of how to use the task sheets, performance tests and build your portfolio.

See the projects we have done and trips we have been on


      Hutchings Students Video

AYES and SkillsUSA Students Summer/Fall2008
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