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   A Copy of Articulation Agreement   Worksheets for alignment   Be sure to change names and schools,

    Examples of what the standards are requiring you to do     SnapOnNATEFSuggestionBooklet11..doc Thanks to the Snap On Team! This is an old document but very good for documentation approach outlined.

 Example of student evaluation form    studentevalstandard6-14.doc

Notebook pages for your documentation   notebookpagesHHS.doc be sure to change the names and data!

  What is expected of an AdvisoryCommitteeTaskswithinNATEFSta.doc

Livework Standards, Should I do Livework?  
                                                                                                                               OSHA Regulations for Safety Shower
Example of   EmployerSurveyStandard1-1.doc

 Use to remind people of assignments  JobAssignmentsMemo.doc  Get everyone onboard before you start! See the guide for who does what and when.

MyNATEFBook.doc  Thanks to Randie Lee VanNess of the Snap On Team. Good examples of the documentation required. Goes with notebook pagesHHS.

Example of  Follow-upSurvey-standard55.doc                                     Tool and Equipment List w/prices

A visit to the Honda Training Center   I feel the Honda Training Center in Alphareta is the role model for automotive training.

     Suggestions to use Performance based hands on assessment in your lab   Whatworksforme.doc

Excel spreedsheet of NATEF-JobAssignments.xls

 An example of a  SiteFacilityChecklist-standard8-11.doc  Does not replace self evaluation check list!

Websitesforcertification.doc  A few sites that help with certification.

websites.doc   Sites for all Teachers

New Resource Linn-Benton has this to share   A lot of hard work went into this site!

      All Standard numbers are changed in 2013 go to the NATEF site for all the required documents.                                             

NATEF 2010 powerpoint, New!    

"You Teach, Why Do Students Not Learn?" Series
copyrights reserved by author and reprinted with permission.

http://www6.grafton.k12.wi.us/ghs/teacher/chader/index.html Carl Hader's Class page. Thank you Carl!

http://diesel.btc.ctc.edu/Teaching%20Learning.htm   Jeff Curtis page Thanks Jeff!

      All documents on this page are subject to mistakes, errors and personal objectives. Please consult NATEF on any question or concern you have. E mail me if I can be of assistance. I will reply as time allows.    
      If you need consultation, an on site visit or personal service please contact me for more information. I am able to work with teachers, schools, colleges and entire school systems.                                     

Any one that thinks certification is easy, a rubber stamp paperwork shuffle is not doing it right nor do they understand the time involved or extra work required. I hope we can enlighten them before it is too late. The key to a successful process is teamwork

" It is all about relationships!"

A hard day at the officewww.islandpacketphotos.com

 Some people ask why did you give up a high paying career to teach?

                      To enlighten you a ShopStory.doc

 Car Abuse Motorage Garage Story 

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  Web sites I find useful for class Web Sites for Class

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