Automotive Teacher Hybrid Vehicle Resources
Auto Teacher Hybrid Vehicle Information  for teacher and student use only  

Hybrid information for First Responders, Auto teachers and students. No commercial use!  Inform your students of the danger of High Voltage. These vehicles can kill in the course of service procedures if they are improperly done! Always consult latest OEM information before service of an EV, Hybrid or Alt Fuel Vehicle. The technology changes by the minute on this evolution of the car we are seeing today. Instructors should seek training from one of the recognized EV/Hybrid trainers or OEM training and information on the vehicles before introducing the student to the vehicle. Follow these instructions at your own risk! Do not play with a Hybrid or EV with out proper equipment that is maintained and inspected before each use. Buy HV gloves and high quality meters like the Fluke 1587 see resources below. A cheap meter can get you or a student KILLED!

Remember "Genius has limits, stupid has no boundary!"

Go to OEM sources for latest information.

Toyota Appendix           Ford information Ford 2  Ford 3  Ford 4       Ford 5    Ford 6    

GM informationon safety      GM websites                 Fuel Cell      Fuel cell lesson      Service plug removal

                                Dayton Hybrid  Presentation                Toyota PGU       

       Toyota Presentation 

Atkinson Cycle                     Toyota Motor Generator      

                                                                                                               Toyota  HCA             

                                                                    Toyota Torque                            Toyota Refueling                                                

Fluke Safety Site for proper use of Meter

Fluke Education Portal Thanks Corey!

Where to purchase quality test equipment They have the best HV Gloves!

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