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 Welcome to the Automotive Service Technology class. We are a NATEF certified with Applied Academics, Automotive Youth Educational Systems secondary program with Business and Industry support.

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Class Philosophy

In years gone by, a self-taught mechanic may have had all the qualifications to get started at a local auto shop or dealership, but no more. Employers are looking for people with good backgrounds in electronics, computers and communications, along with math and problem-solving skills. The Automotive Technology class is designed to address this situation. More than technical training, it is a partnership among participating dealerships, schools, students and their parents. Through direct instruction on late model automobiles, high tech equipment, classroom presentations and opportunities for "job shadowing." The class will teach both "head skills" and "hand skills" to prepare the student for the world of automotive technology careers, and prepare them to meet the needs of prospective employers.

Why do we have to learn all this?

The high tech car of today and what’s going to be made tomorrow requires a person that understands higher technology. People that can diagnose electrical problems, use computers and gather information from many sources will service and repair modern automobiles. “Grease Monkeys” will not meet customer expectations of the 21st century.

                                                                           Mission Statement               
The mission of the Automotive Technology program is to provide education opportunities to individuals that will enable them to obtain the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in the field of automotive technology.  


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Sonny Reeves, Automotive Instructor
AYES Program, SkillsUSA Chapter

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