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Maintenance and Light Repair Basics, An introduction course to Automotive Service Technology

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Basic Systems Lesson plans

Core Skills For Foundations that are now in MLR (Introduction to Automotive Service)

Go to Performance Tests for Foundations

 Take a Mechanical Aptitude Test  Diesel resources also are here but the aptitude test is very good for first time students!


Motor Age Garage Videos By Pete are free and very good . Pete is great supporter of Auto students and a good friend of auto teachers

Read this magizine
                                                       How to use the Smart Washer                           

                                                                             Reading a Micrometer, Thanks Steve

  Repair order files                          


                                                                                                                      Cory's Sketch Book

       Brake Fluid Check                                                                                            Tool Names






   ASE Practice Tests click here                                                      


                               Motor Age Garage Articles  These are top professional auto articles and videos for your students   



                                                 Fuel Savers, all about fuels


                                                 Auto Tech  Service Pete Meier 's Site




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