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 Georgia Lesson Plans for Electrical/Electronics

Wisconsin Online Free Resources Electrical and more

Circuits and Electrical Fundamentals   Click on the wiring diagram for electrical training            

Physics Videos, click here

                                                                                                                Fluke "Beat the Book" Thanks Corey!

You can do the work of the mind without the hand, but not that of the hand without the mind." Danish Proverb  

  see  Developing a 21st Century Shop Class


 http://www.autoshop101.com/       Very good Toyota resources and training

Click Here for the Book on understanding

                      www.aeswave.com                                                                                                                                                                                     Dan Sullivan A teacher of teachers        
        Articles by Jorge. Awsome tools!


 Articles by Jorge for learning

                                                                               The 12 volt dot com         

                        New Video Make your own "Excuse Grinder"  put an end to excuses by grinding them up with this...... Click here!

                                                                More Electrical Videos made by students

       Electrical Diagnosis Tips

                                                                      Volt Drop Testing   Thanks Joe!

                  Science projects



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