Automotive E Learning
         Learning to Learn, the first steps......                        
Online learning is the 21st century answer to our digital native student's question "How can I learn this?"

New Online Training from CarQuest for all instructors Free!  Thanks to Chris Chesney of CarQuest for this awesome resource.

CDX E Textbook lots of videos and glossary Free! Thanks Kirk

My students have been using online learning 24/7 since 1999. Our classroom uses the latest in e learning. See my students in this short clip on Teacher Tube

Student sucess stories

How to develop online e Learning, click here

ELearning Free Resouces Khan Academy

Automotive e Learning Summary, Click here

TED Talks Elearning Discussions

Be sure to visit these sites to understand the NATEF changes and latest updates

  End of course test

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Sonny Reeves, Automotive Instructor          Click on my  LinkedIn 


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