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Chassis Course covers ASE/NATEF task areas A 4 and A5 


 Drum Brake  Brake Service 2  Power Steering  Shocks  Suspension 2
 Drum Service  Parking Brake  Basic Diagnosis  Electrical Streering  Wheel & Tire 1
 Brake Repair Order  Power Brakes  Wheel Alignment  Steering Gear  Wheel & Tire 2
 Wheel Bearings  Electronic Brakes 1  Air Bag  Steering Linkage  Disc Brakes
 Brakes Service 1  Electronic Brakes 2  Rack Pinion Steering  Suspension 1  Disc Rotor
Instructions: Download the performance test related to your lessons. Print your name/date on the copy, print it and place document in your notebook. You and your partner/team will now use the document to practice the tasks. Make sure you read the document. You will  be tested on all safety requirements, terms and procedures related to task. Use your lessons, notes from class and instructor demonstrations to perform the tasks until you are confident you can prove mastery of the task. You and your partner will sign off on each other as having completed the practice of the tasks. Ask the instructor for test completion at this time. Do not ask for sign off by instructor until you have completed practice of task.

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       Brake Service Power Points       Chassis Power Points




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