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Auto Teacher News...........Just for auto teachers no one else can understand.............................      
   Auto Teacher news letters are sent out to teachers across the world that are interested in issues and activities in the classroom and lab from the teacher's perspective.
To sign up email me and your email will be held private no commercial or other use of your email will occur. E mail me immediatly if you wish to stop receiveing the news letter. Each news letter is a one page word document. I will file them here for future reference. If you wish to add to the news please send me the document direct. Any comments are welcome. All news letters reflect my personal perspective from 15 years as a teacher both secondary and post secondary, after over 30 years as a shop owner, dealership manager, and line technician. Being the product of "The road less traveled" I bypassed High School and entered North Georgia Technical College at age 15. I served a four year tour with the Marines. I feel this gives me a unique perspective of the current education machine we have in the USA in our public schools.

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