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To apply for AYES Internship you must complete the application. Download the StudentApplicationforAYES.doc    Read the application and get required documents and signatures for the instructor. Ask if you have questions. Talk to students that have served internships. Have your parents go to AYES web site. Parents and guardians may conference with Mr. Reeves anytime. Please call or email for a time.   AYES web site:   www.ayes.org   has a Quick Start Guide for NATEF secondary schools wanting to add the proven model of AYES and the Mentor/Intern program  to  the NATEF accreditation.       

You will need a one page Resume' Use the copy here and change all the data to your own needs   
Resume Wizard                                                                                

   Advisory Committee invite letter                   Recent B&E Agenda              Developing an Advisory Committee

         New! Our AYES B&E Advisor Council Meeting Oct 2009  See and hear our meeting

AYES students, Your; WorkJournalJobSheet.doc  WORKJOURNALDIAGNOSTICREPORT

InstructionsforCompletingtheWORKJOUR.doc  Thanks Dale!

EmployerEvaluationofIntern.doc Document used by employers to evaluate the work ethics of the intern


New! 2012 AYES Mentor/Intern Videos of a successful intern and mentor


View all online

Randy Baker and Mike McAfee interview Interns and Mentors

AYES Interns, Instructors and Mentors


 Intern Pictures from Summer 2007 Internship. We placed 15 students in local dealership/Shops with mentors. Most will continue part time during Fall Semester in the Work Based Learning program.

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